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Whether you need testing and commissioning for electrical transformers, switchgears, solar panels, or other equipment, we have the expertise and experience to deliver top-quality services.

We help solve complex problems by ensuring the optimal performance.​


Power & Grid

Ensuring Reliability, Compliance, and Efficiency in Energy Infrastructure.


Oil & Gas

Testing Solutions for Enhanced Safety, Efficiency, and Compliance.



Empowering Efficiency, Quality, and Compliance in Diverse Industrial Sectors.



Advanced Solutions for Safety, Efficiency, and Sustainable Resource Extraction.


Data Centers

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Reliability, Efficiency, and Optimal Performance.

Driven by passion, fueled by purpose.

Our company was founded on a simple but powerful idea: that passion and purpose are the driving forces behind success. We are determined to create a business that not only provides top-quality products and services, but also makes a positive impact on the world.
We continue to be driven by passion and fueled by purpose in all that we do. We believe that by staying true to our founding principles, we can continue to grow and succeed while making a positive impact on our clients, our employees, and the world at large.

Expertise at the heart of our solutions.


Project Management

Ensuring that all electrical equipment is safe to operate and meets the necessary safety standards.

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Testing and commissioning of batteries used in energy storage systems to ensure they are safe, reliable and meet performance standards.

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Testing and commissioning of power systems including transformers, switchgears, and protection relays to ensure optimal performance.

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Testing and commissioning of energy-efficient equipment to ensure they are functioning as intended and delivering the expected energy savings.

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Installation & Testing

Verification of the performance and efficiency of solar panels to ensure they are operating at maximum capacity.

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Sustainability Solutions

Ensuring electrical and solar equipment meets regulatory requirements, as well as identifying and mitigating any non-compliant equipment.

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Empowering Industry Professionals

Elevate your expertise in electrical distribution, process automation, substation automation, and protection with our specialized training solutions.

Electrical Distribution MV/LV

We offer training suited for air-insulated switchgear and low voltage switchgear, as well as its core components such as circuit breakers and relays. Our training covers the basics, including identification of components, schemes, installation guides, and more.

Process Automation

We offer training based on product, system, process, and project applicable training for your engineering team. This can help to upskill operator skills and keep them updated with the latest engineering practices.

Substation Automation

Whether you are looking for beginner-level training or advanced-level training, self-guided training or instructor-led classroom training, in-office premises or onsite training, we provide it all. Our substation automation training primarily consists of the following topics: -Safe operation of connected equipment. - Routine maintenance. - Basic fault findings.


We offer training on relays, covering a range of OEM-specific offerings. The training covers the following topics:
- Relay selection and ordering.
- Understanding relay protective schemes.
- Installation and testing of relays.

Our client relationships are rooted in transparency, accountability, and a shared commitment to excellence.

Professional and knowledgeable.

“Their expertise in solar panel testing and commissioning has helped us ensure that our installations are operating at peak efficiency.”

John Smith

Consultant @ Bright Solar

Efficient and reliable

“They conducted thorough performance, safety, and compliance testing to ensure that our equipment was safe, reliable, and met industry standards.”

Jane Doe

Electrical Engineer

Impressive attention to detail

“Their expertise helped us identify areas for improvement and implement changes that have resulted in significant cost savings.”

Sam Patel

Energy Manager @ Solar Solutions Inc.

Frequently asked questions about testing and commissioning.

Q. What is testing and commissioning?

Testing and commissioning is the process of verifying that an electrical or solar system is safe, reliable, and performing at its optimum level. This is important for ensuring that the equipment is functioning properly, and that it meets all relevant safety and regulatory standards.

Q. What types of equipment do you test and commission?

We test and commission a wide range of electrical and solar equipment, including solar panels, inverters, batteries, transformers, switchgear, and protection relays, among others.

Q. How long does the testing and commissioning process usually take?

The duration of the testing and commissioning process depends on the size and complexity of the equipment being tested. Generally, the process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Q. What are the benefits of having my equipment tested and commissioned?

Having your equipment tested and commissioned offers a range of benefits, including improved performance, increased safety, and compliance with industry standards and regulations. This can help to reduce the risk of downtime, costly repairs, and potential safety hazards.

Q. What types of tests do you perform on electrical and solar equipment?

We perform a variety of tests on electrical and solar equipment, including insulation resistance, polarity, earthing, load testing, thermal imaging, and more. These tests are designed to ensure that the equipment is operating at its optimum level and is safe and reliable.

Q. How do you ensure that your testing and commissioning services meet industry standards and regulations?

To ensure that our testing and commissioning services meet industry standards and regulations, we work closely with relevant regulatory bodies and industry associations. We also stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field and invest in ongoing training and professional development for our team members.

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