Diverse Testing Solutions for Key Markets

Explore our comprehensive testing expertise across multiple markets. From Power & Grid, Oil & Gas, Industry, Mining, to Data Centers, we deliver specialized solutions for enhanced safety, efficiency, and reliability in diverse industries.

Our expert team combines industry knowledge with advanced testing methodologies to ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability in critical operations. From infrastructure integrity assessments to compliance verification.

Power & Grid

Ensuring Reliability, Compliance, and Efficiency in Energy Infrastructure.


Oil & Gas

Testing Solutions for Enhanced Safety, Efficiency, and Compliance.



Empowering Efficiency, Quality, and Compliance in Diverse Industrial Sectors.



Advanced Solutions for Safety, Efficiency, and Sustainable Resource Extraction.


Data Centers

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Reliability, Efficiency, and Optimal Performance.

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If you want to know anything, ask us

What is testing and commissioning?

Testing and commissioning is the process of verifying that an electrical or solar system is safe, reliable, and performing at its optimum level. This is important for ensuring that the equipment is functioning properly, and that it meets all relevant safety and regulatory standards.

What types of equipment do you test and commission?

We test and commission a wide range of electrical and solar equipment, including solar panels, inverters, batteries, transformers, switchgear, and protection relays, among others.

How long does the testing and commissioning process usually take?

The duration of the testing and commissioning process depends on the size and complexity of the equipment being tested. Generally, the process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

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