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Electrical Distribution MV/LV

  • We Offer training suited for Air Insulated Switchgear & Low Voltage Switchgear & its core component like Circuit breaker & Relays. It covers the basics right from Identification of components,scheme,installtion guide etc.

Process Automation

  • We Offer training based on product,system,process & project applicable training for your engineering team which can help to upskill operator skills,be updated with latest engineering practices

Electrical Distribution MV/LV

  • Whether you are looking for beginner level training or advanced level training,self -guided training or instructor led classroom training in office premises or onsite training. Substationn auitomation training which mainly constitue of the following topics:
  • - Safe operation of Connected Equipment
  • - Routine Maintenance
  • - Basic fault findings

Process Automation

  • We offer traning of Relays covcering a range of OEM spefic offerings covering following topics:
  • - Relay Selection & Ordering.
  • - Understanding of Relay Protective scheme.
  • - Installation & testing of Relays.
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What is testing and commissioning?

Testing and commissioning is the process of verifying that an electrical or solar system is safe, reliable, and performing at its optimum level. This is important for ensuring that the equipment is functioning properly, and that it meets all relevant safety and regulatory standards.

What types of equipment do you test and commission?

We test and commission a wide range of electrical and solar equipment, including solar panels, inverters, batteries, transformers, switchgear, and protection relays, among others.

How long does the testing and commissioning process usually take?

The duration of the testing and commissioning process depends on the size and complexity of the equipment being tested. Generally, the process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

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